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POCO explains its new market strategy ahead of its next phone launch

Following POCO’s split away from parent-company Xiaomi, the company’s General Manager in India, C Manmohan, has explained POCO India’s new market strategy ahead of its next phone launch. The company will be forced to compete with both the Mi and Redmi series of smartphones, whilst retaining the same philosophy of “everything you need, nothing you […]

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Gboard prepares to let you paste images you copy into multiple social and messaging apps

A basic feature of many operating systems is the ability to copy and paste images. This is something we take for granted when using a PC, but it’s not as simple on mobile devices. A couple of days ago, we discovered a Chromium commit that mentioned adding support for copying images to the Android clipboard. […]

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Realme will launch its 5G phone globally at MWC 2020

In 2019, 5G was said to have become a reality. The reality, however, was that only a few 5G phones were launched in the market. The 5G ecosystem was in its nascent stages, which meant that the first 5G launches were all $1,000+ flagship phones with limited market availability. The modem and carrier support was […]

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NFCScreenOff mod enables scanning NFC tags when your Android phone is locked

Have you ever wanted to be able to scan NFC tags when your phone screen is off? That’s not a possibility as there are security risks in doing so – imagine if someone could trigger a mobile payment from your smartphone while the screen is off? There are other security risks as well, but the […]

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Find My Device 2.4 prepares to add support for finding your Bluetooth Fast Pair accessories

Back at Google I/O in May 2019, Google announced lots of new software, devices, and features. One such announcement that they made pertained to the Google Fast Pair Service (GFPS) integrating with Find My Device. GFPS is a part of Google Play Services. Fast Pair does, more or less, exactly what it says on the […]

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1Controller Magisk Module adds PlayStation Dualshock and Xbox game controller support to rooted Android devices

Over the last couple of years, mobile gaming has evolved from casual games to a burgeoning industry chock full of a variety of eSports titles. We also saw the release of some amazing gaming smartphones and along with that came a slew of gaming accessories, including controllers, secondary displays, cooling fans, and more. However, Android […]

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Canonical announces Anbox Cloud for businesses to serve Android apps from the cloud

Canonical is known primarily as a company that distributes the free and open-source Ubuntu operating system. The desktop version of Ubuntu still has its uses, but for the past few years, Canonical’s attention has been on cloud services. Ubuntu is available for servers and clouds as separate variants, and the company’s focus on cloud services […]

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Wine, the Windows Compatibility Layer, reaches version 5.0 on Android

The Android app ecosystem has steadily evolved over the years of Android’s existence, fuelled by the steady adoption of mobile as the primary computer interaction for most people. A lot of users have gravitated towards a mobile-only lifestyle, and that is because the apps and the app ecosystem on mobile have managed to fulfill their […]

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Digital Wellbeing takes the forefront again with 3 new experimental apps

Google unveiled Digital Wellbeing back at Google I/O 2018 as a way to help users get some much-needed digital detox. The feature was initially rolled out exclusively to Pixel devices, but the company soon made it a requirement for all Android devices. This prompted OEMs to include the feature in their ROMs and help users […]

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LG’s Android 10 update has a Desktop Mode interface

Google released Android 10 back in September last year and since then, a number of manufacturers have released Android 10 based software for their devices. These include Essential, OnePlus, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and more. LG first launched an Android 10 preview for the LG G8 ThingQ and V50 ThinQ back in November last year and […]