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Android 11 will harden hidden API restrictions and remove meta-reflection

For those of you not in-the-know, Google introduced a rather annoying change in Android 9 Pie that concerns enthusiast developers looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Android. I’m talking, of course, about the addition of the hidden API blacklist. With the intent to promote application stability, Google blocked access to most hidden […]

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Khronos announces version 1.2 of the Vulkan Graphics API

It’s been roughly four years since the announcement of the first version of the Vulkan Graphics API, in February 2016, by the Khronos Group. To keep things simple, it was a new graphics API – meant as a successor of sorts to OpenGL – that’s able to utilize multiple-core processors efficiently, which is huge considering […]

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Accurate Forward & Reverse Batch Geocoding REST API

If you’re a developer looking for an accurate geocoding API, positionstack has the best solution for your project. Tap into a massive amount of data with the straightforward and reliable solution for forward and reverse geocoding. Positionstack covers more than 2 billion places and addresses worldwide. Available features: 3,000,000 Requests Premium Support Commercial License Forward […]


Free, Real-time Flight Status & Global Aviation Data API

Aviationstack is an API that offers developers access to full aviation data. With plans starting at $0 per month, different packages offer access to different features. Developers that use this powerful API will be able to gain access to real-time flight data, historical flights, airline routes and much more. It’s a complete solution for anyone […]

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Positionstack: Forward and Reverse Geocoding REST API | Beebom

Whether you are a business or an app developer that needs a robust and scalable forward and reverse geocoding API, you should check out Positionstack. It offers an affordable and easy-to-use API interface for global forward and reverse geocoding in real-time. Most services provide good forward geocoding API features, however, there are very few that […]

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Aviationstack API: Get Real-time Flight Status and Aviation Data | Beebom

Millions of passengers use flights to go from one end of the globe to another with more than 100,000 flights taking off and landing every day. Aviation is a giant industry and if you are a business that is planning to enter this industry, you need to have a robust system that not only tracks […]


Scrape Websites for Valuable Data with the Scrapestack API

There are plenty of great ways to find information on the internet. Still, there is some information that’s harder to find, especially if you’re looking for very specific things. Web scraping services are a great tool for this. Scrapestack is an API that lets you manage your own web scraping. A web scraper is a […]

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Developers: It’s super easy to bypass Android’s hidden API restrictions

Flashback to over a year ago, and we’re all excited about seeing what’s to come in the Android P betas. Users are looking forward to new features, and developers are looking forward to some new tools to make their apps better. Unfortunately for some of those developers, the first Android P beta came with a […]

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IP Geolocation API: Track Website Visitors Location with Ease | Beebom

Internet has made our lives so much easier. It has truly made the world smaller. Not only it has made the flow of information easier and accessible, but it has also sprouted various business opportunities that were unthinkable before its existence. Now, you can sell your products to a different corner of the world while […]

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Google is deprecating Android’s AsyncTask API in Android 11

For years now, Android’s AsyncTask has been a staple tool for beginner and expert developers alike. If you’ve ever Googled a tutorial for any sort of asynchronous logic in Android, chances are that the first few results suggest using AsyncTask. It’s not like this is a random choice, either. AsyncTask was originally created to simplify […]