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This app brings back the missing Play Store notifications for updates

Over the last few months, people have been noticing an issue with app update notifications from the Play Store. Traditionally, when an app was updated in the Play Store, a notification would tell the user that “[app] was updated.” Recently, people noticed this notification wasn’t showing up, and Google confirmed the removal was intentional. Thankfully, […]

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WhatsApp Crosses 5 Billion Downloads on the Play Store | Beebom

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp for Android has now notched up a staggering five billion downloads, making it only the second non-Google app to achieve this milestone. As with most Android applications that reach large amounts of installs, this number does not just include downloads from the Play Store, but also pre-installed copies like Samsung and […]

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Play Store will no longer show notifications for updated apps

Late last month we came across an issue with the Google Play Store which prevented some newly published apps from showing up in search. The bug only brought up related search results when searching for new apps, even though they were definitely live on the platform. Google addressed this issue shortly thereafter and users were […]

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GitHub for Android goes live as a beta on the Play Store

GitHub is probably one of the most beloved products in the developer community. It is the most popular code hosting platform, which makes working on big projects easier for a lot of users. GitHub is where most of the source codes for custom kernels or ROMs from our own forums are hosted. The platform was […]

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Play Store tests showing a new section with all your app reviews

Reviews are a critical part of app stores as they make it easy for people to gauge the quality of an app before installing. It’s important to help the community and leave reviews as much as possible. Google is testing a new section in the Play Store to encourage you to review other apps and […]

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How to Install Flatpak and Snap Store in Linux on Chromebook | Beebom

While Linux support on Chromebook is a welcome development, it hardly means anything for general consumers. One of the reasons is no graphical user interface (GUI) for Linux App Store which prevents people from discovering and using Linux apps on Chromebook. However, there is a way to install a GUI App Store on Linux and […]

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How to Authorize/Deauthorize Mac from iTunes Store in macOS Catalina | Beebom

With one Apple ID, you can authorize up to 5 computers for iTunes Store to access all of your music, movies, and other content seamlessly across the devices. So, it doesn’t matter which trusted computer you have, you can stream your favorite flicks and listen to curated playlists without having to hop from one device […]

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Huawei Opens Unmanned Retail Store With Robot Sales Staff | Beebom

Huawei on Wednesday opened its first unmanned smart store in the city of Wuhan in China. The store is a futuristic concept that deploys robots instead of human staffers to conduct transactions and deliver the products to customers. According to reports, buyers can choose the product online via a large touchscreen display in the customer […]

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[Update: Can be disabled] Google Play Store will start autoplaying store listing videos next month

Update (12/23/19 @ 10:45 ET): The Play Store now allows you to disable autoplaying videos. There’s one thing on the internet that everyone seems to agree on: autoplaying videos are annoying. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped websites from continuing to use them. To the lament of many, Google Play will soon start autoplaying videos on app/game […]

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Google Play, Apple App Store Remove Alleged UAE Govt Spying Tool ‘ToTok’ | Beebom

A popular Emirati messaging app called ToTok has been removed from the Play Store and the App Store following a New York Times investigation that alleges it to be a spying tool deployed by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The investigation, which was done in collaboration with US government officials, seemingly found […]